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About Tata Power Solar

Tata power solar is India’s largest integrated solar company committed to enabling solar everywhere.

Tata Power Solar (TPS) is India’s largest integrated solar company that is driven by the singular vision – harness the power of sun to enable solar everywhere. Headquartered in Bangalore, TPS operates in three distinct segments – cutting-edge manufacturing, large-scale projects and creating innovative solar products. We are working relentlessly to provide access to energy especially in the remote, off-grid parts of India.

• 25 years of operations with 700 employees across 11 offices

• 500 MW of our best-in-class Tata manufactured modules exported till date

• EPC projects of 157 MW commissioned till date with lifetime O&M services

• 18 years of experience, delivering 1000+ installations nationwide

• Positive environment impact through reduced carbon footprint by 6,12,379 tonnes till date

• Touched over 24 million lives and lighted up over 8000 off-grid homes till date

Manufacturing, Fully integrated wafer to module

TPS operates about 200 MW of cell and module manufacturing in Bangalore that provides high-quality solar components to power plants worldwide. We are a Tier-1 bankable module manufacturer, known for our high quality, efficient and reliable modules worldwide.

Large scale projects and industrial solutions

TPS has strong EPC expertise executing over 150 MW of diverse projects of multiple sizes across India. We are at the forefront of the growing solar industrial solutions space, enabling companies to switch to captive solar plants to power their factories and businesses.

Innovative products, making solar accessible

TPS manufactures and distributes solar photovoltaic and solar thermal products for both rural and urban markets. Tata Power Solar has strategic alliances with government, renewable energy development agencies, non-profit foundations and grameen banks to provide access to basic amenities to those in need - heat, water, light and electricity.

With a skilled team and advanced technology- driven organization, Tata Power Solar, in the last 25 years has revolutionized solar energy and its application by making it accessible and available to all – for a steel industry to hundreds of villages, which has limited resources and no access to grid-connected energy. Under the leadership of a dedicated team, Tata Power Solar is poised to continue its journey to harness the power of sun and enable solar energy for everyone.



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